Massage Therapy

Retreat from a world of decision making to one where all decisions are made for you!

Refreshing Massage

Let us whisk you away with this smooth, flowing and gentle technique. Stress will decrease as you begin to feel the benefits of increased circulation and relief of muscle tension.
60 minute session – $85
90 minute session – $115

Deep Tissue Massage

Focused on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia, this massage is beneficial to these particular areas and is perfect for working out those stubborn knots.
60 minute session – $95
90 minute session – $125

Warm Stone Massage

This therapy melts away tension, eases muscles stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism. The warm stones allow direct heat combined with protocols of the full body massage that give a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain and reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.
30 minute session – $65 (upper or lower)
60 minute session – $110 (full body)

Cupping Massage

Cupping uses negative pressure to draw nutrient rich blood into the area applied, lifts and separates tissue to ease pressure on the nerves to stimulate the relaxation response, which promotes pain reduction and purges metabolic waste and lymphatic fluid. Cupping encourages circulation, breaks up adhesions and stagnation, making muscles more pliable.
60 minute session – $110

Side by Side Treatment

Share your massage experience with someone special, side-by-side in our couple’s treatment room.
60 minute session – $170
90 minute session – $230

Upper Body Enhancement

This massage is designed especially for reducing tension in the upper body area. Reduce life’s pressures with this great pick-me-up massage for the person that’s on-the-go.
30 minute session – $50

Prenatal Massage

Feel pampered and nurtured with this treatment specifically designed for expectant mothers. This massage targets the neck, back and weight-bearing joints to relieve stress and increase circulation.
60 minute session – $100

Prenatal Upper Body Massage

This gentle relaxing massage designed specifically for the neck and shoulder area to reduce tension, relieve stress and increase circulation.
30 minute session – $60