Massage Therapy


Neck and Shoulder Enhancement — $40
This massage is designed especially for reducing tension in the neck and shoulder area. Reduce life’s pressures with this great pick-me-up massage for the person that’s on-the-go.

Warm Stone Massage — $100
This massage incorporates heated stones to facilitate a most unique treatment. As the warm stones glide over the body, heat radiates deeply into muscles to relieve tension, decrease stress and provide deep relaxation.

Couples Massage — $150
Two refreshing massages.

Expectant Mother Massage — $90
A gentle nurturing massage designed to provide relaxation for the mother-to-be. Relive areas on weight bearing joints; reduce neck/back tension, increase circulation, decrease swelling and leg cramps.

Mother-To-Be Neck and Shoulder Enhancement — $50
This relaxing massage is designed specifically for the neck and shoulder area. Focused pressure is applied to specific points to reduce tension and provide a great pick-me-up from everyday stress.

Refreshing Massage — $75, $105
Loosen tension, sore muscles, increase circulation, improve overall skin tone and relieve stress of everyday life with this Swedish style massage. Pressure can be adjusted from light to very firm by using a combination of massage movements. Please be sure to advice your therapist of your pressure preference.

Deep Tissue Massage — $80, $110
Deep tissue massage utilizes focused, deep movements to penetrate further into the muscle tissue. It is the perfect choice for those under stress, post workout or in an intense physical training program.

Massage Series
3 – Neck N Shoulder Enhancements $99
6 – Neck N Shoulder Enhancements $180
3 – Refreshing Massages $189
6 – Refreshing Massages $330
3 – 90 Minute Refreshing Massages $259
6 – 90 Minute Refreshing Massages $518

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